May 2022

150 Imaginative Visions

150 Days of Imagination

IMAGINE proudly presents our 150 Days of Imagination campaign, which will unveil one of IMAGINE Vol. 2’s 150 Imaginative Visions each day from Wednesday, May 11th right up to the second-annual Imagination Day on Sunday, October 9th for John Lennon’s 82nd birthday. Each Day of IMAGINE-nation will also celebrate the birthdays of some of greatest Icons of Imagination along with some of the greatest events in the history of creative culture as well.

Vision of the Day: 5/17/22

ELENA LANHAM is an independent writer and researcher currently working on a two-volume book which deals with suprahuman cognitive and creative capabilities, who believes in tapping into the utmost human cognitive potential instead of relying on technology to do it for us. Showcasing the sixth of our 150 Imaginative Visions, IMAGINE Vol. 2 invites you to get immersed in Elena Lanham’s Embodying Our Imagination.

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Unveiling tomorrow on Wednesday, May 18th… Clara Ponty’s
 Musical Imagination!

IMAGINE Vol. 2 Launch Party

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS: Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

The release of the highly anticipated second issue of IMAGINE arrived on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022, for Salvador Dalí’s 118th birthday. Unveiling in Surrealist style, IMAGINE Vol. 2 puts a special focus on The Surrealist Imagination, and in honor of Dalí’ and the Surrealist movement he was a leading figure in, the next stage of IMAGINE was officially launched in Paris at the legendary Café de Flore where the “Surrealist Revolution” began at Midnight / 6PM EST / 3PM PST. Visit our Special Events page for details.

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Welcome to IMAGINE, the digital magazine celebrating the art and culture of the human imagination.

Launched on the first-annual Imagination Day on October 9, 2021, in honor of John Lennon’s 81st birthday and the 50th anniversary of his song, Imagine, IMAGINE brings together many of the world’s most imaginative people to speak on the power and importance of the creative imagination.

As a manifesto and Declaration of Imagination, IMAGINE is a call to imagine and re-imagine the role that imagination can play in creating a better world and enhancing the quality of our lives.

What is imagination to you? What does it mean to imagine? Why is imagination important? How are you applying imagination in your life and work? How does imagination help us become better people and live better lives? IMAGINE collects and presents inspiring answers to these questions and more from today’s global thought leaders.

Contributors come from all cultures, nationalities, and countries, such as America, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, India, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina, Russia, and beyond.

Altogether, this group represents some of the most influential and biggest names in the world of creativity and imagination. The total scope and impact are astounding and a testament that in today’s world we need imagination more than ever.