Ben Goossens

In art school, I saw a lot of books with ideas and phantasy, which surprised me. That’s why I later started experimenting with phantasy and creativity in the darkroom, which had success in a variety of contests.

When I was an Art Director, phantasy and creativity was also a must, but was brought about by Photoshop and Mac. Phantasy was a must because it made the difference, and this was important! It was important because I made the difference.

All my phantasy experiences in Art School and as Art Director are still now important for my hobby: which is a logical follow-up from what I did before. I never make a normal image; it is always a mix of 2 or 3 images for creating my phantasy idea which gives me a lot of satisfaction.

All my images are based on 55-years of photography, and by blending an older image with a new one, I can make a new phantasy image.

Before, I have participated at many photo contests and was mostly with the winners, which was satisfying. I’m retired now, and still make creative phantasy images every day, and I enjoy it… and I hope the viewer does too!

Ben Goossens is Belgian photo montage artist with a distinctive surrealist style reminiscent of his fellow countryman, René Magritte.

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