Katarina Andjelkovic

Architecture, image, imagination

One key to addressing the conditions currently emerging in the world is about understanding that architects and urbanists design and realize future realities. As such, the majority of our work consists of testing the imaginary. However, as a profession dealing with real-world constraints, including the need to convince clients of our professional competence, we try to appear to have knowledge, and disguise the use of the imaginary. This is a real thread, leaving no room for the parts of the project where the imagination can thrive, because we reject the ‘unknown’ in favor of what we already know.

Generally speaking, architects operate their ideas in a perfect harmony of colors and materials expressed through the concept. They are all embodied in an image because architecture doesn’t exist yet, it is still to be made in the future. In other words, there is only a vision that comes into play through the strong image. As such, image embodies architectural space which is defined by ideas as much as by real walls. In this context, my mission is to examine architectural images as a method for activating the imagination, with the examination starting at the intersection of reality and imagination.

Katarina Andjelkovic is a theorist, practicing architect, researcher, painter, draftsman, and writer simultaneously engaged in architectural practice, teaching, and research with a focus on how ideas can be translated across different media, crossing architecture, visual arts and film.

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