Kristina Dryža

Mythic Imagination

Venturing into the matrix of the deep imagination, an intimate conversation between the mysteries of the earth and cosmos occurs … and becomes a portal for both the individual and collective psyche. 

The soul’s life is synonymous with the imaginal language of metaphor and image. An invitation therefore exists for us to begin utilising our empathic imagination by activating within ourselves the emotions of those who’ve lived the myths, who are the myths. For example, can you put yourself in Prometheus’s shoes? Empathise with Inanna’s pain? Feel as Gilgamesh felt? Touch into Persephone’s victimhood? In this way, a different truth can reveal itself in – and through – us. By delving into the eternal myths in our heart, an inner alchemy occurs. 

Mythic imagination means that we weave and marry the mythic into the ordinary, everyday of our lives. The sacred and mundane fuse together as one. Unfortunately, soundbites and fake news are too often our dominant media diet, feeding our minds with dead thoughts rather than activating our pictorial capacities. Our fertile imagination can be our greatest ally, or our most puissant enemy, so let us use the richness from the waters of the collective unconscious, and our fecund well of individual imagery, to open ourselves up to what’s ripe for transformation and rebirth within ourselves and society. 

Kristina Dryža is an archetypal consultant, author, speaker, and dancer.

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