Paul Levy

Imagination is so powerful it can imagine itself out of existence

We all possess—knowingly or not—a divinely mandated power that is greater than most of us can imagine, and this power is the creative imagination itself. Our experience of both the world and of ourselves is literally a function of—and molded by—the inborn visionary capacity of our creative imagination. For example, say if we think that we aren’t creative and don’t have much of an imagination. We are then, in essence, unwittingly using our creative imagination to create the experience that we don’t have much of an imagination.

Just like within a dream (which reflects the psyche of the dreamer), we will draw all the evidence to confirm the seeming truth of our viewpoint, which only further proves and entrenches us in our conviction—and experience—of the paucity of our imagination. Our creative imagination, instead of serving our fulfillment, is then being unconsciously used to perversely turn against us in crippling ways that dramatically stunt our evolutionary potential. We are unwittingly using the endowment of our creative imagination to put ourselves under a spell in which we are hypnotizing ourselves via our own creative agency. It is noteworthy that our apparent scarcity of imagination, though a real product of our imagination, is itself imaginary (in the sense of not being intrinsically or ultimately real). Hidden encoded within the experience of our lack of imagination, however, is a revelation that shows us—if we have the eyes to see—the potency of our imagination, for it is secretly revealing how we literally create our experience through our imagination. In other words, our poverty of imagination contains concealed within itself the key to unlock our heretofore unimagined and undreamed-of creative power. Hidden in the seeming problem—our lack of imagination—is its own potential resolution and healing. Imagine that! 

Paul Levy: Pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence and the author of books such as The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality and Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus that Plagues our World.

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