Snatam Kaur

Imagination Opens the Door to Spirit

My most significant place of imagination is in the realm of love, forgiveness, and inner peace — not just for myself but also for others. My name, Snatam, means universal or friend to all, and throughout my life, I’ve been good at relating to others in those terms. Now, in my 50s, I’ve learned to relate personally to them and understand their importance in my relationship with the world. Given the pressures of these times and the stresses and traumas we all carry, negative emotional energy—hopelessness, frustration, or anger can intervene. Using imagination, I’ve found that chanting mantras can dramatically transform that negativity.

Self-love, self-forgiveness, and inner peace begin with our inner core vibration, and with having a home in our being for our soul, which spiritual practices are great tools for cultivating. Every day, I practice yoga and meditation and incorporate them into chanting. It’s my passion with my music, online school, Kirtan and Kundalini, and the classes I teach. Chanting moves being overwhelmed by emotional energy or life’s challenges into recognizing their guidance and coming to a more positive place. It impacts my inner vibration and, in turn, my thoughts. Thoughts culminate in the words I choose as consciously as possible because we create —or imagine — our lives through the power of the word. From those words come actions and deeds.

My favorite mantra to open the imagination is Ang Sang Waheeguru which means, “The Divine is living and breathing and dancing in every cell and fiber of my being.” When I’m not feeling great, it takes imagination to open the door for the mantra’s essence to come. Chanting long enough brings that imagination, the power of those words, into a reality of sensation. I feel the Divine living, breathing, and dancing within every cell of my being — moving from trauma and drama to feeling truly amazing.

Snatam Kaur is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and author who performs Indian devotional music – kirtan, and tours the world as musician, workshop leader, and peace activist. Known for the stirring luminous quality of her voice and insightful teachings, she is currently embarking on her Into the Light Tour to celebrate the release of her 16th album, Nirankaar.

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