Tim Freke

The Age of Imagination or Individuals Evolving into Unividuals

14 billion years ago what existed was mostly just hydrogen, but that has evolved into the rich magnificence of the physical universe. 4 billion years ago single cells emerged, evolving into complex, sentient, conscious life. And then, as the fruit of all of the continual miracles of evolution, came the emergence of psyche. ‘Psyche’ is the Greek word for ‘soul’, so let’s be bold and say … 14 billion years of evolution have led to the emergence of the soul: this immaterial realm you are experiencing right now, full of ideas, images, thoughts, and dreams … the imagination.

Where next for this grand evolutionary story? When people speculate about the future it is usually in terms of amazing new technology. Yet all that technology comes from one place … the imagination … the psyche or soul … the most emergent aspect of the evolving universe. We are truly living in ‘The Age of Imagination’. As I look around me now nearly everything I can see has arisen from the imagination … the computer, my coffee cup, the paintings on the wall, the building I am in, the glasses I wear to see. We have created the latest chapter of 14 billion years of innovative evolution with the imagination.

So, is another unexpected, evolutionary jump coming in this great saga of endless creativity? I wonder whether it will be a momentous leap of imagination in which we realise something both astonishing and yet obvious … that we are the universe conscious of itself. And when we make that imaginative leap, we will evolve from individuals to unividuals … individuals conscious of unity with the universe. And that profound recognition of our essential oneness will change everything.

Tim Freke is a religious philosopher, authority on the spiritual traditions of the world, the author of 35 books including Deep Awake and Soul Story, creator of Unividualism: A Deeper Way of Living, and the founder of The International Community of Unividuals, which combines evolutionary science and deep spirituality to offer a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality and the purpose of life.


  • John
    2 months ago Reply

    Yes, an evolutionary leap for humanity is essential if we are not to destroy ourselves — the planet will survive no matter what we do, and recover — and the way forward is by being only loving whatever arises.
    That does not mean sitting idly by in the hope of a heavenly or extra terrestrial “Rescue.”
    Setting and maintaining the intent to be only loving, and ignoring any unloving egotistical “directions” we will most probably receive — exploding emotions of anger when we feel threatened — is an extremely powerful and effective intention, and I am daily becoming aware that more and more of humanity IS moving vigorously and enthusiastically towards this completely NORMAL state of being.
    Love is the only answer, it is always the answer, so let us continue setting that powerful intent, KNOWING, as we DO deep within ourselves, that it is enormously effective.

  • Cynthia Anne Plourde
    2 months ago Reply

    I wholeheartedly believe and hold to this connectedness or oneness with the Universe and I am so Thankful for this article or letter to the Individuals to remind us to persevere in LOVE, always — as we all are part of one another.


  • Ed Dowling
    2 months ago Reply

    Hello Tim – I think that unexpected evolutionary jump was described over a century ago by William Walker Atkinson in his book “The Kybalion.” He attributes it to Hermes Trismegistus four or five thousand years ago. Atkinson calls it The Law of Mentalism. Some people refer to it as The Law of Divine Oneness. Much love to you, Ed Dowling.

    2 months ago Reply

    Hi Tim and other Unividuals. What an awesome journey we are on. There are always times and places and different head spaces to experience, the dimensionless feelings of love …. of freedom…… of imagination and creation.

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