Art of the Future

The Art and Culture of Imagination

Imagination and art are inseparable. Art and the arts are the key driver of the Culture of Imagination which helps us think about the future creatively and imagine it artistically. It helps us take the long view on a new cultural ecology that is essential to tomorrow’s prosperity. IMAGINE is a one-stop for people who are concerned with how the Art of Imagination nurtures all the various sectors of culture in the future. To serve this interest, we pose Questions about art, culture, creativity, invention, innovation, and imagination and ask our readers to identify those they think are the most compelling, intriguing and provocative. These are the kind of Questions that stand to nurture, enhance, and release the huge potential we carry within us, and open us up into a larger field of relationship, exciting questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be an Artist of the Imagination?
  • How do we spark and ignite the Creative Imagination?
  • How do we inspire and nurture the Collective Imagination?
  • What are the ideals that inspire the Culture of Imagination?
  • Why are you excited about the power of Creative Imagination?
  • How do we increase the relevance of the imagination and imagining?
  • How do we work together as a community in pursuing a common vision?
  • What do we do with all of the energy, enthusiasm and ideas generated here?

These are a few great Questions to consider. What are your answers? What kind of questions do you have?

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  • Mark Riva
    2 weeks ago Reply

    One of the promising dimensions of The IMAGINE Experience is its potential application as a social circle that brings creative people together into closer cross-cultural relations and cross-discipline collaboration. It’s open possibility space offers a fusion of community connection and dynamic discussion on the experiences, issues, benefits and challenges of those immersed in the art and culture of imagination. In the process, there is a desire to foster a dynamic exchange that allows us to tap into rewarding international perspectives. More than just a compelling networking environment, our broader goal is to create a globally diverse gestalt that allows us to get to know and understand each other. In this way, IMAGINE is a bridge-building initiative with a community service dimension. It is a way for us to get out of our bubbles and start connecting and communicating within ever-broadening spheres. It’s all about gaining a common understanding so we know how to move co-intelligently into the future. It is about the realization that this goal is essential to our basic well-being as a planet. This is the bigger picture, to celebrate our lives as part of the larger collective adventure and the larger human family. Each and every one of us has a part to play in the process.

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