Audrey Rangel Aguirre

Imagination as a Bridge to the Future

Imagination is the source of a flow of creativity and energy that produces art.  My art practice evolves at the intersection of art and science, in this context, art can be seen as a field in which the use of scientific knowledge is expanded towards the creation of new systems that generate new meanings. In my practice of creating new systems; science means experiencing the laws of universe through observation and experimentation implicit in the primal act of human intuition. The intersection of art and science is the point where I use scientific research and enhance it through artistic intuition and imagination.  In my opinion, artistic intuition is a primal capability which function is to see through reality and extrapolate knowledge that belongs to the universe. It is the power to see connections between different types of knowledge and create new meanings. Usually, I focus on a scientific topic, and I start the process of what I call “the creation of new systems” which is a practice that uses the artist’s imagination as a source that enables humans to create bridges with the future and create through artistic intuition, new systems to help humanity reach the next step of civilization. Imagining is the production of knowledge that later will be established in our system of meanings. How to create a “bridge” to the future? I start focusing on scientific research, then use imagination to give it a new meaning, a new function and a new context that doesn’t exist yet but a new one that is created to fulfil needs for the societies of the future. An example of how I have created a connection between scientific research (in this case microbiology and biotechnology) with artistic intuition, is my ongoing research project Terras Lux, focusing on the relation of energy on microbial ecosystems on soil and its relation with the energy of the human body. Is a multidimensional project that envisions the potential collaboration between humans and microbial ecosystems. This is a possibility as the microbes on soil generate electricity that would be fused with the energy on the human body creating a new system of autonomous energy.

Audrey Rangel Aguirre is an interdisciplinary artist researching at the intersection of art and science, focusing on artistic intuition to create new systems that belong to the future of human civilization, who is currently developing the research project Terras Lux, exploring the relation between energy on microbial microecosystems on soil and the energy on human body.

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