Everything we do creates our future

It has been said that artists are the creators of the future. It is the imagination of an artist that can capture the impressions of a new world. Artists have a way to see through the matrix, to imagine the seeds of possibility. The inner senses activate the creation impulse. To capture the visions, stories and dreams of the imagination makes you an artist. And these creations shape our future. 

Bība is a dance ceremony leader, purpose coach, music producer, and global citizen creating at the intersection of art and awakening. Dedicated to a joyful future world through inspiration, Biba’s alchemy is seeded in movement, imagination, and music, and her creations are found in the Inscape Meditation App, inroom at Edition Hotel NYC, and inflight on JetBlue. The album by her music group, The Tenth Door, is Amazon // Alchemy of Dance.