Imagination > Reimagination

My first childhood memories were sitting in front of my parents’ stereo listening to records. I would spend hours letting my imagination take me wherever the notes led. I was hooked. I imagined what instruments I could play and where it would lead me.

My parents enrolled me in private music lessons and my music teacher, the great Arnie Erickson, taught me how to improvise. I quickly learned improvisation was an endless imagination of notes only my imagination could control!

At 14 I joined a band. We practiced like crazy, wrote songs, and skipped school to record them. Recording was an entire new world of imagination. Our band started gigging… live performance presented another realm of imagination!

I dropped out of high school to follow this imagination. I spent years writing, recording and performing music full time and striving for the elusive “major label deal.” It didn’t pan out. Music was all I knew so it was time to reimagine how this was going to work. I started a record company, a publishing company, opened a recording studio, and flew by the seat of my pants gobbling up every piece of knowledge I could find. I strived to learn how the “business” of imagination actually worked and I quickly discovered business was equally as imaginative as music.

Today I run a company focused on reimagining music from yesteryear. I found there were lots of folks like me that didn’t “make it” but their imagination has validity. We place these unknown songs in films and TV shows where they now resonate with millions of viewers and listeners worldwide.

The things I imagined as a child have taken me on an incredible lifelong journey. It didn’t look the way I had originally imagined, but finding success requires reimagination.

David Hilker is CEO of Fervor Records and Whirled Music Publishing, Inc.