Fiona Joy

Moment of Magic

Imagination: The exploration of possibility while in an other-worldly state of non-reality. A conscious dream that allows us to enter an inner world through a wormhole to an alternate moment. 

Our imagination is like a time machine that allows us to escape to another place and then come back as if we have been no-where at all.

It’s our moral duty to use imagination wisely and for good, and though we may think a creative approach is akin to wasted time compared to an academic one when solving bigger issues, it’s creative thought that explores possibility.   

Creative thinkers help explain the world around us to give a sense of place, belonging and hope. Creative thought allows for the unthought of and looks to the future, where our salvation lies. 

As a musician I look for the ‘moment of magic’ in the production of music, I cling to the pauses, the powerful expressions of thought that are best found in the fragile and sometimes unexpected notes. We can find that same powerful magic in our every-day lives if we daydream. 

Imagination leads us to hope and gives us a reason to keep going. Hope is the injection of positivity that we need when the chips are down. Hope is the ticket that will solve all our problems if we win that lottery.

Imagination is free, without limit and not bounded by reality. Using imagination, we escape our problems and for many of us that is a saving grace.

If we harness the possibility of imagination and the power of thought we can discover ‘What if’: What if there was no war, no hunger, no hatred? What if there was only love and happiness? What if the world were so perfect that we didn’t need hope as a concept or even as a word? What if every time you have these positive dreams you simply feel better… There’s a thought!

Without imagination we have no dreams and without dreams, we are without hope. Our imagination is so powerful it can lead to change and that can lead to a better world.  

Fiona Joy is a classically-trained pianist, singer, composer, speaker, and international touring artist who is inspired by her Celtic heritage and influences such as George Winston, Michael Nyman, Chopin, and Mendelssohn, and who has recorded 18 albums including Blue Dream600 Years in a Moment, and Moving Through Worlds, including two albums produced by Windham Hill Records founder, Will Ackerman, as part of the four-piece New Age music group ensemble, FLOW.

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  • Charles Angell
    9 months ago Reply

    It says you are a singer. Do you have any vocal clips? I love to sing, and I have gotten to appreciate Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga as of late.

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