Imagination is the soil out of which all creativity and innovation grows. (On the imagination as soil metaphor)

In learning, imagination involves wonder, a lingering sense of awe, a desire to know more, and a pleasure in learning. Imagination is one of the most, if not the most important dimensions of meaningful and memorable learning for people of all ages.

Effective leadership is rooted in imagination. Imagination is the fertile terrain of possibility that holds the roots of a range of leadership capacities and outcomes. (On cultivating leadership imagination with cognitive tools).

Leading with imagination means being affectively alert to others, to ourselves, and to the complexities of the issues we face. Imaginative educational leaders are dedicated to creating “what if” learning cultures in which students and teachers are supported and empowered to envision and enact possibilities.

Gillian Judson, PhD is Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Simon Fraser University Faculty of Education, primary catalyst behind the creation, direction, and expansion of imaginED, a blog designed to support and enable imagination-focused teaching in all contexts, and author of research articles such as Cultivating Leadership Imagination with Cognitive Tools: An Imagination-Focused Approach to Leadership Education.