Howard B. Esbin

Imagination is the beating heart of civilization and all human progress. It moves outwards into manifestation informing every act of ingenuity – creativity, innovation, and invention. This playful, curious, open, and expansive spirit animates the whole world with endless possibility. Imagination is a limitless source of inspiration and wonderment in an ever-expanding universe. Imagination is the quintessential elemental power.

The zeitgeist has shifted. Imagination is seen increasingly as intrinsic to all endeavors, including the arts, science, medicine, technology, industry, entertainment, and sports. This is primarily due to the global proliferation of inexpensive, accessible digital technology, social software, and the Internet, which provide an almost limitless virtual canvas upon which to express our collective imaginations.

We tend to take our imagination for granted. This is likely because it’s so very easily and immediately accessible. Like sunlight, imagination is an inexhaustible source of transformational energy. When harnessed for malevolent ends, imagination’s destructive force is incalculable. When exercised benevolently, great good ultimately ensues.
A new social contract is called for. Let us re-imagine imagination.

Dr. Howard Bennett Esbin is the co-creator of All Star Teams, a talent empowerment toolset for individuals, teams, and organizations, which valorizes imagination as an apex strength.

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