Imaginative Visions

100+ Visionaries of the Creative Imagination

IMAGINE Vol. 2 presents 100+ unique Visions from global Visionaries around the world and across all fields. Here’s 50+ eye-catching headlines, each linked to their own page.

Sean Kelly: Imagining Gaia

Fiona Joy: Moment of Magic

Tiffany Shlain: Imagination Is

Peter O’Neill: Imagine! Belfast

Duncan Wardle: IMAGINATION

Clara Ponty: Musical Imagination

Kristina Dryža: Mythic Imagination

Guy Lafranchi: SPACE_Imaginomad

Jon Madof: Imagination is Everything

Andrew Shaw: The Imagination Thing

Martin Reeves: Imagination Machines

Scott Hess: Reflections on Imagination

Mónica Esgueva: Visionary Imagination

Graham Boyd: Imagination is a Feeling

Sahlan Momo: The Three Trusty Players

Sharon Heath: When the Child Imagines

Paul Halpern: Imagination and Empathy

Nora Bateson: A Letter to My Imagination

James Hollis: The Archetypal Imagination

Daniel Merriam: Creative Critical Thinking

Nadia Chouca: The Surrealist Imagination

Philip Ball: Imagination and Being Human

Prarthana Borah: Nature and Imagination

Fred Schwaller: The Origins of Imagination

Tery Spataro: Imagination in the Age of AI

Eddie Saint-Jean: The Uncanny Imagination

Tony Martignetti: Imagine Life in Technicolor

Phoebe Barnard: The Box and the Crossroads

Dan Lockton: Design, Imagination, and Futures

Suzanne Murray: Dancing with Your Imagination

Jerome Glenn: Imagine a Conscious-Technology

Jeremy Lent: Imagining a Life-Affirming Civilization

Ayaan Ali Bangash: Imagination: Our Manifestation

Susan Hess Logeaism: The Psychedelic Imagination

Cody Havard: Living Imagination…Imagination Living

Richard Bright: Imagination is the Star in the Human

Ray Keene: Imagination, Creativity and The Mind Map

Dennis Patrick Slattery: Imagination as Liminal Space

Mario Gonzalez Lares: Imagination, Faculty of the Soul

Dot Allison: Life’s Subtle Restoration of Our Imagination

Michael T. Stuart: The Black Box at the Centre of Science

ADT AYALA ART STUDIO: The Magic Power of Imagination

Rana Florida: Imagination is the Key to Business Success

Rob Hopkins: The Imagination Revolution Must Begin Now!

Shauna Gilligan: Imagination: A Delicate Coming Together

Cody Thomas Kuiack: Imaginative Function of the Cosmos

Martina Hoffmann: Exploring our Existence with Imagination

Grant Dudson: Creating Imaginative Experiences Through Art

Daniel Christian Wahl: Becoming Healing Expressions of Place

Marilyn Schlitz: Creative Imagination and the Psychomantium

Patti Dobrowolski: The Beauty of Fear to Spark Your Imagination

Dennis Pottenger: Remedios Varo and the Problem of Patriarchy

Milena Ivanova: The Value of the Imagination in Art and Science

Louise Livingstone: The Heart as an Organ of Imaginal Perception

Aftab Omer: Educating the Heart: Transforming Vocation into Profession

Tim Freke: The Age of Imagination or Individuals Evolving into Unividuals

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor: A Contradiction in Terms: Defining Imagination

Paul Levy: Imagination is so powerful it can imagine itself out of existence

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