The Future of IMAGINE. Be a part of it!

It’s only been a little over a year – the future of IMAGINE, where do we go from here? We’ve had two opening acts packed with hundreds of imaginative visions and beyond. No doubt, it’s a tough act to follow. The next (third) stage of IMAGINE-ation, what will it be? What will IMAGINE 3.0 promise and deliver? Your input is needed and necessary. We invite you to submit your thoughts and ideas for all are called to use their imaginations to visualize and realize the most promising possibilities!

After a year of publishing upwards of 300 essays on the power of the imagination, it’s time to activate our imaginings and imaginative visions and live the Questions that IMAGINE was established to answer. The challenge is to put visions-dreams into action, which begins with great ideas and rolling up our sleeves. The call is to do more than simply IMAGINE. We must actualize The Collective Imagination by being ready-willing-able to turn our inspiring visions into reality. Your vision-passion-participation-involvement-support is key!

Help us reimagine IMAGINE! How do we empower-maximize-optimize our potential? How do we take-use what IMAGINE has imagined, forged, developed, created, organized, and become? How do we assess, leverage, amplify, and activate its content, contacts, community, following, and momentum, and take it to the next logical level? Send us your thoughts to

We thank you for your generous time, consideration, and participation, and look forward to hearing from you!