Imagination came to us through Latin verb imaginari meaning “to picture oneself” and if we go back in time, zoom into the distant past and at the very beginning of the primordial ooze, when life could be just felt with very simple means, we still can imagine that or guess that the step forward could have easily been that very line “to picture oneself” to put oneself into the motion (in other words) to go forward beyond what is here and now to push the limits to imagine as if it happened. It is a super interesting concept, in today’s world of superficial comforts, optimizations, harmony (in the style of fake it ‘till you make it) what is it that really matters? It is the reflection, the ability to experience beyond all those listed comforts and it is only through the journey that we take within that these wonders are possible, fulfillment can never come from the outside but rather on the inside stimulated with the right circumstances from the outside. Which leads me to this question: How can we evolve and transform art-creativity-imagination-innovation-invention in ways that enhance the long-term future of our species and life as a whole?

I think that everything that is happening has its purpose, all the seemingly negative things are pushing the crystallization of  the positive, they are in a way a purifier, points of pressure, that said though, we have to evolve beyond needs for competition, standardization, societal do and don’t, the chains of normality and embrace a new world, technology embedded but not conquered, connected but not conditioned Kant’s quote sums this up elegantly, “rational human beings should be treated as an end in themselves and not as a means to something else” and here we arrive at the simplest possible notion which is to just picture ourselves into the new self-purified from the constraints that past may have put on us. Past is a jealous partner, very hypnotic and misleading at the same time it is a teacher. We have to learn how to learn without becoming a slave, we have to respect without looking up to the master and we have to imagine in coordination with our deepest instincts which all comes down “to picture oneself” how to become a human of our imagination. 

Irina Ideas is a multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself through the prism of classical piano, abstract paintings, sculpture, installation art, curating and writing, future, art, philosophy, and history.