Imagination is the twin sister of intuition. They live side by side on our inner landscape. To imagine is to dream, to drift, to let the heart lead the mind, to see beyond limitations. Without imagination we’re stuck in our intellects, imprisoned by our negative self-beliefs. With imagination we’re free to manifest our most miraculous dreams. I imagine my music before I play it. I say my prayers in the meandering of my imaginative heart. When I sing, my imagination brings forth images of my past and my future. Imagination helps us live through our hearts and view the world with compassion and kindness.

Jai Uttal is a Grammy nominated sacred music composer, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and ecstatic vocalist, who combines influences from India with influences from American rock and jazz, creating a stimulating and exotic multi-cultural fusion that is truly world spirit music. His latest album is entitled, Let Me Burn.