The great author Ambrose Bierce was once asked what it takes to be a good writer. He replied, “Imagination, imagination and imagination.” That about sums it up! As a writer myself, I have to agree – especially when it comes to a favorite format of mine, poetry.

A poem, in itself, represents one of the purest expressions of imagination the written word can convey. I have written a great deal of poetry, and I tend to adhere to rhyme schemes in my work. Free verse is fine for some people, but I find that when I lay out a rhyme scheme, it forces me to be imaginative, and consequently opens the door for highly constructive creative fruits. When you’re compelled to find just the right word, it opens the floodgates of imagination, and once you get into a flow of meaning and narrative in a poem, your imagination and creativity are set to soar. This is, of course, only one manifestation of the manifold and extensive vistas of human imagination.

To imagine is to tap into the deepest recesses of our subconscious, to the creative, intelligent force at the root of all consciousness. As such, activities which stimulate the imagination can create forms of beauty and resonances with Nature that can hardly be surpassed in lesser forms of human endeavor. And after all, Mother Nature imagined you!

James Heffernan is an author who has written five books, his latest being Tunnels Through Time: Poems and Observations, and would love for others to join him in imagining the future!