The Magic of Imagination

Imagination is our human genius that is life-saving and life-creating. 

This gift has saved my life. Once in India, I got Hepatitis. I turned yellow and couldn’t even get out of bed. Somehow I made my way to a Buddhist monastery. There for a month, I did the golden light mediations. We imagined ourselves made of gold light. After 30 days, I was cured. With no medications, I walked out of the monastery, healed, and my life was changed permanently!

Now, in my Voyager Tarot Deck, imagination is the primary talent of the Magician archetype Card. To make, manifest, and create a magical life or to achieve any goal, imagine yourself succeeding at your aspiration. Then feel that picture in your heart, believe it in your mind, and take action. 

The word, “mag” means power and is the basis of the Magic, Magus, and Imagination. For a truly empowered, successful, and creative life, tap this almost miraculous power within yourself. Simply take a time-out for time-in by closing your eyes in order to “see.” It’s natural. Just remember to do it. 

Dr. James Wanless is the visionary creator of the best-selling Voyager Tarot, a 21st century map of life for proactively navigating a whole life as the universal human, and author of the books, Way of the Great Oracle, called “The Voyager Bible,” Intuition@Work, and Adventures with Greening Man, My Mythic Mentor.