JR Korpa

Imperfect Imagination

The human being is, as far as we know, the only one with the gift of flying with our minds to enter the deep worlds of imagination. New, strange worlds, where everything is possible. This has kept us moving forward in many areas of our lives, especially in technology.

To navigate in the unknown waters of imagination is necessary to stop being in the now, in what happens around us to immerse ourselves in a kind of trance, a luxury that other species don’t seem to need and also can’t afford because it would endanger their lives, which makes me wonder… Are these skills a necessary path that life gives us to become aware of how far we humans are from our own nature?

Nature has its own way of creating, of imagining with surprising things and always with a reason. We don’t know where it comes from or where these actions or creations are going, and we often say that they are imperfect, an imperfect imagination, when the imperfect ones are, perhaps, us, because we don’t understand it and only see a small part of it. Let’s let it happen. Let’s learn from it.

Jr Korpa is a multidimensional artist whose works mix photography and painting.

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