The Value of Wonder

Imagination is the ability to follow a sleepwalker deep into her dreams while remaining wide awake.

The imagination helps us to process challenging times through its metaphorical nature. It gives us a way to take a situation and see multiple possibilities at once. If we spiral in anger or grief, we may shy away from a story that directly tackles these issues so as not to be triggered further.  But if that scenario is presented to us through magic, it takes an edge off; it allows us to breath, to focus and feel comfortable connecting more personally. Through imagination we have room to apply our individual mythologies to our choices – rather than succumbing to the outside conflict or the overbearing opinion of another. In this case I believe that the imagination can help us heal and grow. 

One of the main goals in my work is to directly engage the viewer’s imagination, get them to fill in the blanks with their own experiences. Our strongest work comes from writing about what we know about, as a magic realist filmmaker I give those inspirations a literal context through personal metaphors. Creating new metaphors or images not attached to a kind of nomenclature or one particular culture can transcend boarders and generations – and also be made anew by the viewer for their own purposes. I think it’s important to give room to our imagination and let it bring wonder and fresh perspective into our lives.  Not everything unexplained needs to be explained. There’s value in wonder – it’s not an “escape” from life, but rather a deeper more focused perspective of its trials and triumphs.  

Lisa Stock is an award-winning filmmaker working in magic realism whose films have been featured in festivals and screenings around the world including London, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Sydney, aired on PBS, and chosen as a Project of the Day on Kickstarter.