Martina Hoffmann

Exploring our Existence with Imagination

Imagination has forever been one of the important prerequisites of the curious and far-seeing, a first tool to explore and expand new possibilities of our existence. It comes natural to children who use it to escape unwanted situations as well as dream new worlds into existence. The trick is to ‘re-member’ this ability and keep it intact for life for it is the basic fuel that drives us to become architects of our lives and future.

First, we imagine then give it a precise image by ‘in-visioning’, add direction with an intention and in time all will result in manifestation.

As a visionary artist, I’m interested in the more subtle and intuitive states of our existence and attempt to create maps and symbols reflecting consciousness.

Using imagination has forever been a part of my creative process and supported my search and expression. It allows me to stay open to the infinite possibilities of form and content as well as the potential realms beyond our consensus reality. I feel that imagination assists me in creating the imagery which may eventually help shift the way we perceive our daily lives by lifting the veil between the worlds and to show that all is energy.

My paintings are access portals into inner landscapes and visions of other worlds, where all is a part of an undivided Universal force, humanity exists in oneness, beyond the confines of cultural and religious differences and love is the ultimate unifying force. Here the global family lives with an awareness of the interdependency of all life on our planet as well as of its interconnectedness with the Universe at large – a reality where disconnection from nature has been healed and transformed into a state of peace, harmony and love.

My imagination sees this: that we will collectively realize our birthright to be conscious of our connection to the Universe and create a reality as beautiful, healthy, and strong as our imagination can see.

There are other tools for manifestation, but imagination is certainly amongst the most natural and simple.

Martina Hoffmann is a visionary symbolist painter and self-declared creatrix of inner landscape and otherworldly vistas, who exhibits her work internationally and is represented in the permanent exhibition of the NAIA Museum in France. A world citizen since her childhood in Germany and Cameroon – West Africa, she works in both the USA and Europe.


  • Sue Devine
    1 year ago Reply

    Love your vision for a world we will collectively create. Your work is simply incredble and is a portal in to this vision.

  • Linda Ohlson Graham
    1 year ago Reply

    Absolutely rEmarkable art Martina!
    Brava 👍✨

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