You, The Artist

Have the power to speak 

The language of the mind, heart, and soul…

With or without words

You speak the unspeakable

You penetrate through emotional barriers 

And, strip down emotional defenses 

You can touch the untouchable 

And, reach into corners of the mind 

That everyday language can’t 

It’s through the language of arts

That you, The Artist can:

Shine a light upon what we resist to see

Validate our most humane experiences 

Bringing us together through humor

Assert and fight for a noble cause 

Challenge us to face fears, doubts, limitations 

Instill courage and hope…

You, the Artist transform minds and the world 

Through the power of your imagination

Thank You!

And, this is why I am passionate about working with artists  – so they can continue to create and share themselves with the world.  

Mihaela Ivan Holtz is a Doctor in Clinical Psychology with a practice in Beverly Hills who helps creatives with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creativity/creative blocks, and addictions – to be and live their own best version.