Mónica Esgueva

Visionary Imagination

As a visionary artist and a spiritual teacher, imagination is the essential tool to access the inspiration from higher realms. We can only create what we can imagine. Without imagination, we are doomed to a gray existence, tethered to the superficial, the trivial and ultimately, despair. 

Imagination is the key that opens the door to a new stage in evolution in humanity. It is what allows us to become a better version of ourselves and how we dare to step into the unknown without hesitation. We can conquer fear because we have imagined a world of harmony and kindness, where unity consciousness reigns. We know it can be so because we have already felt it clearly inside.

I believe the artists’ role is to be a leader and a visionary: Not only to think outside the box, but to be outside the box, contributing to the change we want to see in the world. Since we are all interconnected, the energetic field of each individual has the potential to influence the collective through creative acts. Mystical visions and experiences motivate us to question our assumptions about life and the world, challenging us to live more profoundly. The deeper an artist penetrates into their own infinitude, the more able they are to transmit that state. 

Not all artists consider that art can be a spiritual practice. But with the right motivation and focus, it can be so. For me, it is a daily exercise that enables me to keep developing the qualities of mental clarity, wisdom, service, and access to revelations of higher mystical states of awareness that can be beneficial to all. 

Mónica Esgueva; Author of eight books, spiritual teacher who has taught hundreds of people the path to inner peace and self-realization, and visionary artist who currently exhibits her paintings at galleries around the world.

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