Imagination: The Console of My Creativity

Imagination is at the heart of everything I create. It acts as the console that helps bridge the gap between my creative dreams and reality.

From my love of the Cosmos, Aliens to the Macabre and Old Hollywood Starlets, my imagination is an interesting place (to say the least!). I like to integrate my love of all things supernatural into the music and video content that I create.

I feel there is a strong connection between Disco and the Cosmos. In the 70s, NASA was reaching new heights and we had recently landed on the Moon (1969) Intergalactic sounds started to make a forefront on the disco scene from pew pew pew toms, synthesisers, artists clad in silver sci-fi space suits and alien imagery, it’s clear we were gearing up for a party in our galaxy. This scene plays over and over in my head when I fire up my synthesiser and open up Ableton.

I use my imagination to create music in the modern age that still is reflective of this period, but with a modern twist. I merged my love of Space, 70s Disco and modern electronic music to create my self-released EP, the aptly named, Kosmic Oscillations.

Without vivid ideas and wild dreams, the world would be very dull and art in any form as we know it, would be non-existent.

Natasha Kitty Katt is a Scottish disco / house music DJ, record producer, and head of influential Edinburgh-based record label, Ghetto Disco Records.