A Guide to IMAGINEzine.com

Enjoy this basic navigational overview of our multifaceted website.

LET’S BEGIN… The big black button at the top left of every page leads to our Main menu and the + on the top right of every page opens up a hidden side bar that contains a wide variety of linked pages and navigational pathways. In addition, at the bottom of our Homepage you will find a Menu of-to every page on our site.

Our main Menu contains an Issues page at https://imaginezine.com/issues with images of the covers for IMAGINE’s two volumes that hyperlink to a Directory page listing the name and bylines of everyone involved. The individual Issue pages are http://imaginezine.com/imagine-2 and https://imaginezine.com/imagine-1 featuring each contributor’s name hyperlinked to their own page containing their short essay which we call an Imaginative Vision. Under the images of the two covers are also the titles of these volumes that hyperlink to the associated Directory. Then, at the bottom of every page are linked interfaces to go backward or forward to see other contributor pages.

Also via our Menu is a page called Visions at https://imaginezine.com/category/visions, which provides a Master Directory to every contributor to IMAGINE Vol. 1 and IMAGINE Vol. 2 complete with images-names-links to everyone’s individual page. To top it off , we also two main Menu pages at https://imaginezine.com/imaginative-visions and https://imaginezine.com/imaginative-visions-2 which highlight 50+ of the best headlines from each issue, each linked to those particular essays.

These are just a few of the many ways to access individual pages, as our Homepage features an ever-changing array of slideshows and banners which link directly to the different pages on IMAGINEzine.com

To begin, our Homepage has the images of the covers for IMAGINE Vol. 2 at the very top and IMAGINE Vol. 1 a little bit further down on the page. Both images hyperlink to either http://imaginezine.com/imagine-2 or https://imaginezine.com/imagine-1.

Then, as part of our current 150 Days of Imagination campaign, IMAGINE unveils one Imaginative Vision a day which is featured in the top area of our Homepage and provides the image and byline of the contributor of that Vision of the Day, along with a link to this Vision.

Below that, you can find a link to our Event Calendar (also found in our Menu accessible by clicking the top left dot), which lists the 150 Days of Imagination schedule, with each listing containing the contributors image, headline, byline, and a link to their page.

In addition, our Homepage banner named The Art of Imagination leads to http://imaginezine.com/the-art-of-imagination which provides a convenient introduction to, and executive summary of, each issue, with many of the lead contributors’ names hyperlinked to their individual pages.

Of course, IMAGINE has features and resources galore, all accessible through our main Menus via the dot on the top left of every page and the hidden sidebar marked by the + on the top right of every page, as well as through various banners and slideshows found on our Homepage.