At PATTERNS we believe that imagination is not only what makes us human, but it is the best tool for sharing our purpose and progressing our ideals in our collective world. We look across time; speculating about past creations and ideas, conceiving, and conversing with our contemporaries, and rethinking what our future could be. We focus on the now; adopting new technologies, searching for new ways to think and work globally, and viewing our climate crisis as a means for reimagining how we practice. We aim to be cultural provocateurs; engaging public imagination rather than just our own, and constantly probing the mysterious space in between known ideologies and inventions. Change is inevitable, but imagination gives direction to that change in culture.

Marcelo Spina & Georgina Huljich are Argentine-American architects and the Directors of PATTERNS, an L.A. based architectural design studio that has gained global recognition for its subtle approach to architecture which seamlessly integrates advanced technology within an extensive consideration of form, novel tectonics, and innovative materials. By deploying both pragmatism and imagination during all steps of their design process, the singularity of their architectural approach allows them to fluidly integrate speculative thinking with an efficient production and delivery.