Imagination is the fastest speed in the universe ― you can get to Alpha Centauri and back in an instant via your imagination, in contrast to it taking some four years just to get there if you were traveling at the speed of light. What it therefore means to imagine is to become an active player in the universe and fulfill our destiny as sentient human beings. In my life, I’ve imagined a million more times and things than I’ve created, but everything I have produced was born in my imagination. Although it’s of course possible to imagine bad things, I’ve always preferred the good and bright side of imagination. The more we can follow that side, the more we can become a better world and universe.

Paul Levinson, PhD is the author of six science fiction novels and 20 scholarly books translated into 15 languages, a songwriter, a guest on numerous podcasts and television and radio shows including CNN and NPR, and Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University (NYC).