Forest of Imagination

We inhabit a space of possibility. Immersed in the forest, we are sensitised, we tune in. Our collective imagination celebrates the power of imagining a different world. The Forest of Imagination is a metaphor, it creates spaces to dream and to imagine possibilities. The Forest is infinite and illuminating, full of freedom and potential. Our imagination invites a response to nature and beauty, it gives us insight and guides us to dream, to be intuitive, sensitive and open to possibility.

Forest of Imagination invites everyone to explore their own imagination and creativity, highlighting the power of nature to inspire. Andrew Grant says, ‘Forest is the home of Imagination. Imagination is everyone … the Forest is a wild place, a metaphorical retreat from the everyday urban world, with delight and darkness, colour and light, re-purposed, natural and intelligent materials, to share the innate creativity of human nature”.

Forest of Imagination deliberately brings the inspirational experience and sensations of nature and wildness to our doorsteps. The forest is a portal for the imagination, the forest has eyes… it is tranquil and silent but full of imaginings and inspiration.

Imagination invites potential, ‘where we might be able to go and what we might be able to do’ in every present situation, exploring the liminal space between ideas and materials to make meaning. Everyone is born with creative potential to learn through play and our imagination. Children’s imagination is powerful, it is everywhere.

Forest of Imagination brings a message of hope for children, for their rights and their future. These hopeful futures will show compassion and radical imagination for a different future. Let’s set our imagination free in the wilderness, let the imagination be wild, full of joy and love.

Dr. Penny Hay is an artist, educator, Reader in Creative Teaching and Learning, Senior Lecturer in Arts Education, School of Education; Research Fellow, Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries; Bath Spa University and Director of Research, House of Imagination. Signature projects include School Without Walls and Forest of Imagination. Penny’s doctoral research focused on children’s learning identity as artists. She is Co-Investigator on the AHRC Global Challenges Research project ‘Rethinking waste: Compound 13 Lab’ in Mumbai and a National Teaching Fellow. Watch Penny’s TEDx talk: The Power of Children’s Imagination.