Sahlan Momo

Three Trusty Players

In the pale afternoon city light, three travelling companions, Imago, Mundus Imaginalis, and Image are walking the pedestrian crossing when, suddenly out of the blue, a fancy double-twin appears at the stop-light right in front of them. Green. Let’s go.

[𝄋 D.S. al Coda].

An Imago? An Illusion? Imagination? Who knows? Mundus Imaginalis, between the two, mirrors each other on a screen betwixt two realities, a function of the human self to explore realms beyond the veil. Image, the creative joyful activity of consciousness needs light to vanish within a sense of belonging, and is becoming self-aware as a shadow on a veil; while Imago is wilfully retaining its seed.

Whichever the case and the circumstances, the three friends keep playing their tools, unfolding the cosmic game enacting the performance here, in this hard, solid, tangible world. The non-dual imaginal realm discloses its human narrative unwaning its threshold to the subtle embodiment of consciousness into the world. Good luck my dear companions! The journey back home is long, risky, and daring, shaded by old worldviews to debug and release, reboot, and move on.

In the background, overlapping the pedestrian threshold, the three trustworthy companions are still walking. Imago and Image are now dragging Mundus Imaginalis by the scalp, collapsed for having absorbed too many shadows on the veil gently fading in the foreground, not necessarily over by any reason! The awoke collective intelligence of the community is lastly at work…embodying its shared soul in a bold move morphing a brand-new world to its next shift under the blanket.

[𝄌 CODA].

In all confidence, if I may, it seems that the real thing is, after all, to daily transmute imagination into tangible deeds avoiding favour and fear, and swiftly and safely soon turn back home. [14422].

Sahlan Momo is an artist, publisher, and philanthropist.

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