Samuel M. Sandoval

Signified Imagination

If the present moment can simultaneously contain the history of the past, as well as hold the potential for the future, then imagination may be represented as an information pump. This Aristotelian logic may be too simplistic of a model for reality; nevertheless, analogous to a mechanical pump, imagination seems to consume raw creative energy, and delivers potential information. The mysteriousness of imagination stops most individuals, except a few, from endeavoring to create momentous works of timeless art. Historically, such creative media manifests in various forms, including paintings, sculptures, philosophies, and poetry to name a few; all seemingly transforming imagination via a gestalt approach. Less attributed though just as remarkable, are the creative works of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians who convert their imagination into objective models. Perhaps the most profound aspect of imagination may be that anyone can give humanity information.

Consider the information output from the collective human imagination since recorded history; then consider the universal tendency towards disorder throughout the arrow of time. In the cosmic blink-of-an-eye, this output seems to have quelled a bit of unimaginable chaos in this part of the universe. In much the same way that a mechanical pump locally reduces disorder at a cost of energy, an ensemble of imaginations since time immemorial has stirred up exponentially larger wave-after-wave of informational flow. Like competing waves of energy in the oceans, the fruits of imagination meet head-on with disorder in an awesome dance for equilibrium. At the microcosm, most individuals move along with the oceanic currents, while some have moved entire oceans with their tectonic imagination. Such a spectrum of potentiality may represent the momentousness of imagination.

Samuel M. Sandoval, PhD, is an explorer who embraces model-agnosticism, mysticism, sacred geometry, balance, synchronicities, analogies, paradoxes, and his perceived profoundness of life.

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