Imagination: master key that unlocks every door 

To truly understand the power of the word ‘Imagine’, try using it to make people see and believe anything you can imagine. Like “Imagine…you are sitting on an island. Surrounded by fairies and elves…” and even the most unimaginative person will begin to see it all. That’s the magic of imagination. It triggers a response. If the word itself has such powers, imagine what you could do with your fertile imagination.

Imagination has been the single most important ingredient in each of my paintings. Without imagination it would just be random colors. I have a confession to make, many of my bright, wild and vibrant paintings were created during my darkest times. When I was scared, nervous, lost and depressed – but the work was an explosion of hope, beauty, light. What do you think made that happen? Imagination. Even in that hopeless state, I imagined the beautiful world I wanted to be in. A world full of hope, positivity, and certainty. A world that was waiting for me. Suddenly colors and shapes danced all around me, filling that dark void. They magically left my fertile imagination and turned the blank canvas into a symphony of colors. And during the entire duration of this magical process I felt alive.

Every painting I create restores and rejuvenates me. Imagination never lets me down. Imagination tells me to ignore reason and reality and just listen to it. I am glad I do, because the most amazing thing about imagination is that although anyone and everyone has it, the ones who give in to it whole-heartedly and use its infinite powers can change any reality.

Imagination helps me change my reality. While it’s great to imagine, it’s even greater to act on it and turn things around and make the world a better place.

Sheeba Khan is a highly awarded, renowned international abstract artist who has inspired many with her fairy tale journey as an artist – from the jungles of India where she was raised like a princess to her successful career in the artworld. Her works are part of the private collection of many collectors across the US and Europe.