Sona Sahakian

A Glimpse of Presence

In my opinion, imagination is a process of observing, feeling, and thinking, which explores impossible boundaries, seeks a sense of belonging, enriches the mind, and offers space. The emotions and experiences that arise from this are like an invisible mirror in which you see yourself. Through our eyes we see, perceive, and nourish our creative gaze and energy field. There is something hidden in reality that we deeply understand and perceive through our senses. In this way we create new shapes and dimensions that strengthen our imagination and remain anchored in our memories and memory.

The existence of man, the presence, the transience of things and transformation from which a new life arises, for me are like an inner journey where you discover your own treasure chest of your existence, where the relationship between past and present is inseparable, dynamic, and timeless in nature. This path to the energetic experience leads to new spiritual paths.

Human life has an invisible relief, depths, heights, and valleys. Through the perception of time, inexplicable experiences arise that transform everyday reality and transcend thought. The artworks create an immaterial reality, which deepens and strengthens human consciousness.

Perception plays an important role in expanding our imagination. In Bergson’s view, perception is filled with memories. The direct perception we experience through our senses depends on thousands of details from our previous experience. Thus, we supplement our current perception and enrich it with previous experiences.

Sona Sahakian is a visual artist who graduated from the department Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of the Arts, The Hague, whose works consist of paintings, drawings, collages, photographs , installations and films (video art), and who has participated in various groups exhibitions and projects

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