The imagination, as a concept as well as a tool, is of the utmost importance to me and my work. In esoteric thought, the imagination is considered a tool of perception that allows us to access a very real world, called the Mundus Imaginalis, or imaginal world. It is considered a place of visions and potential realities. My work attempts to create a bridge between the academic world of esoteric scholarship with the mainstream (lay) public that may not always have the opportunity to access this knowledge. In doing so, I try also to correct misconceptions or misunderstandings about esoteric or occult topics by creating a welcoming space so that we can participate in a respectful dialogue. My goal is to foster understanding and foster the possibility of seeing another option or another viewpoint -which helps us release our prejudices and open ourselves to new ways of engaging with the world and each other. The power of the imagination supports me as I strive to create new interview topics for my podcast and YouTube channel that cultivate ideas of diversity and transformation. The imaginal world is an endless sea of potentialities and possibilities and is a place that I go to often for inspiration.

Stephanie Shea is the Founder/Creator of Rejected Religion, a website and podcast dedicated to “illuminating the obscure,” who holds a Research Master in Religious Studies from the University of Amsterdam, and whose research interests are located in the areas of Western esotericism, and emergent identity groups.