Imagination is the fuel for ideas needed for humankind to continue to forge ahead in a world riddled with challenges. Fostering curiosity, asking beautiful questions with no easy answers, and allowing new perspectives to emerge are key traits we need to build upon to solve our greatest problems. Encouraging time and space for play, welcoming new thinking and bringing people together for dialogue are critical. The combination of digital tools and the opening of the world’s borders again, fueled by the power of collective imagination, are key to fostering the kind of vital collaborations that make our hearts sing, and our immediate and greater world a much better place to be for everybody.

Tahira Endean is a meeting planner and designer-producer of human-centered events for SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence), an instructor of Sustainable Event Operations, industry speaker, blogger, and the author of the book, Intentional Event Design, who is currently pursuing her MSC in Creativity and Change Leadership.