Tery Spataro

Imagination in the Age of AI

Imagination is the most fantastic tool. It allows me to creatively bring together the essence of my personality, experiences, and senses. Through it I envision and manifest my goals, hopes, and dreams.

Imagination enhances my mind as a vital instrument of intelligence, serving it both in the realm of speculation and in the work of artistic creation. This intelligence amplifier has led me to work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help me bring my artistic imaginings to life.

AI’s computer algorithms amalgamate the patterns, colors, imagines, textures, forms, and shapes that I want to see in my creations. Augmented by AI technology, I love how my photography becomes transformed into new images and ideas based on its understanding of my work and style. Through this dynamic machine learning collaboration, I am charting new ways of communicating and visualizing, and the future of art and artmaking.

With every step in this process, I use my imagination as a lens through which to see the world and picture how I might change it. Humans have always used imagination for this and will continue to do so. But imagination takes practice, and that means we must be curious, asking questions about everything and constantly exploring new things (and sometimes old ones). This kind of practice can only make our imaginations more powerful, and that power is how we can change the world for good. 

Imagination is unlimited, and never constrained by boxes, labels, or categories. So, I let my imagination flow, and as it does, I am directed and inspired to utilize all kinds of tools to create visual forms of storytelling that express the ideas I want to communicate.

Take Exuberance No. 7 Radiant Green for example. Such tech-art creations continually refine and redefine my imagination. The same is true of my view of what AI is and can be. It is therefore my hopeful vision that when human imagination and advanced tools such as AI work in harmony, we can harness incredible creativity that can enhance and empower humanity. Together, there is much promise for improving the lives we are living and have been given, the quality of people we can become, and the kind of world we can create for ourselves and for future generations.

Tery Spataro is a creator, science fiction author and enthusiast, futurist, and innovator whose digital art extends both digital and physical realms—with some creations combining the two—and infuses the human condition with natural and technological elements to create kaleidoscopic experiences.

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