The Imagination Chronicles

Quest for the Imagination Age

BY MARK RIVA, Founder & Publisher of IMAGINE

Welcome to IMAGINE. If the quest for creative imagination drives your future, you’ve come to the right place. Exploration is what life is all about and IMAGINE is all about empowering the creative explorer in you.

IMAGINE offers an uncommon challenge to shape a visionary movement that reflects wisdom from both ancient and modern sources which indicate that we are now entering a greater panorama of life and that see this historical moment as a profound opportunity for transformation and renewal.

At IMAGINE, these ideas consume our full curiosity. As part of any thorough exploration of such a charged situation, we are compelled to contribute to the definition of an overarching narrative context that addresses our ongoing global crises and its most empowering solutions.

A large portion of the value of an initiative such as this will surely be found in the Creative Spirit it engenders, which like Creative Culture itself is the glue that holds all of our myriad pieces together.

At IMAGINE, we believe that NOW is the time for that which inspires and symbolizes this Zeitgeist – the spirit of the times – and becomes an irresistible force that jells and galvanizes the Creative Community to collectively shape the directives of the emerging Imagination Age.

Activating the Zeitgeist is essential if we’re going to guide our lives and planet wisely. In it can be heard a resounding call for a Vision that magnetizes new currents and channels of social energy and connects and empowers us to enter deeper into the co-creation of a preferred Future.

This is the start of what we hope will give Visionary Voice to The Great Challenge that humankind now faces, ultimately, what can be seen as a Great Calling to deliberately build an enlightened Age of Imagination, along with its constituent culture.

And so, we bear down on the epic story of this heroic journey with a sense of great responsibility. These Chronicles are our record of thoughts on how by activating imagination for the Greater Good we might nurture such skillful future savvy.

Consider this a user’s guide to the inner recesses and outer reaches of this process; an organic captain’s log and diary that identifies and exemplifies the crucial coordinates of our Imaginary Voyage.

To Be Continued…

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