IMAGINATION Makes Everything Possible. METAPHORMING Makes Everything Probable or Real. 

Understanding how the human brain works is key to realizing human potential. It’s essential for improving human communication through understanding and collaboration. Ultimately, imagination makes it possible to build a better world and future for all. 

Imagine using the all-purpose “ArtScience” process, which fully integrates Art-Science-Technology, to solve our most urgent global challenges. ArtScience enables everyone to think like a genius: that is, to think, create and perform to the best of one’s abilities when inspired, encouraged, guided, or challenged. It’s a creative & critical thinking process that combines the myriad ways-n-means and tools humankind have discovered, invented, and innovated over millennia to tap human/nature’s potential.

The ArtScience process embodies the Think Like a Genius® Process, also called “Metaphorming.” They’re one-and-the-same thing, enabling people to CONNECT-DISCOVER-INVENT/INNOVATE-APPLY our curiosity, creativity, problem solving skills, imagination and knowledge in personally meaningful, useful and productive ways. 

Genius is everywhere, every day, in everyone in every way imaginable. Genius is in all our genes. Our genes are genius! When you consider how 35,000 protein-coding genes do what they do as an integrated system that enables us to grow and evolve by learning, you may agree. Genius is what our genes do for a living, so to speak.

We are all natural born “Metaphormers” (lifelong learners, creators, explorers, problem solvers, innovators). When you’re using everything in the built and natural environment to show-and-describe your ideas, you’re Metaphorming: Envisioning what you want to create, and creating what you envision. 

Beauty & Truth are Nature’s gifts to humankind. Art & Science are humankind’s uses for these gifts: To know ourselves; to make sense of our life experiences; to understand the world; and, to realize our creative potential. Indeed, that’s Metaphorming in action!

Todd Siler is a multimedia artist educator, and inventor, equally known for his art and for his work in creativity research, whose Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art from M.I.T. made him the first visual artist to be awarded a doctorate there, and the author of the books, Breaking the Mind Barrier and Think Like A Genius. Siler received the 2011 “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts.