It would be easy to talk about imagination and simply celebrate its fascinating existence, its link to creativity, the beauty and abstract nature of it… 

Many would say that imagination itself is invisible, like other powerful forces such as electricity, gravity and wind. Interestingly, the original Greek word for “wind”, “breath” and “spirit” is pneu’ma – we recognise this from the English word pneumatic – linked also to the word “inspire” from the Latin inspirare, “to breathe or blow into.”

Just as our life depends on our ability to breathe, our existence depends on our ability to imagine, to be inspired and to innovate.

Imagine what our day so far would have been like without the invisible, dependable and powerful forces of electricity and gravity? Can you imagine a life without imagination? Can we live without breathing?

We have used our imagination to harness the power of wind, to convert that wind to electricity and so on. The big question is: how will we use or harness our imagination; will we use it wisely or unwisely?

…It is easy to talk about imagination, but it’s what we do with it that truly counts.

Wayne Lindsay is a brand consultant, storyteller, the Imagining Director of Imaginnovation®, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a proponent of play.